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Gomez & Gomez
For the DLTI One-Way and Two-Way Model
The most comprehensive collection of quality instructional materials validated by dual language experts specifically designed to challenge and engage learners in authentic and meaningful learning opportunities served through dual language classrooms.
Dr. Leo Gomez
Professor, Dual Language Education
Language Arts Kit
Arte de Lenguaje
Social Studies Kit
Estudios Sociales
Follows the DLTI methodology for instruction
Instruction is challenging it improves critical thinking
Instruction is interactive–Teacher talk at 25%, Students talk increased to 75%
Authentic Learning–Kids are connecting what they are learning to real life
Enrichment Kits English & Spanish • PreK–Grade 5
Science Kit
Math Kit
Learning Center Resouces Kit
DLTI bases its Research and Instruction on the implementation of 28 best practices for language learning; the kits enhance this even further!
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