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2 Bilingual
Story Book Collection I
21 Book Set. Grade Interest Level: K+, Hardcover & Paperback.
Benito’s Bizcochitos/Los bizcochitos de Benito
Big Dog, Little Dog/perro grande, perro pequeño
Carlos and the Cornfield/Carlos y la milpa de maiz
Carlos and the Squash Plant/Carlos y la planta de calabaza Carlos Digs to China/Carlos excava hasta la China
Chave’s Memories/Los recuerdos de Chave
Cool Salsa: Bilingual Poems on Growing Up Latino in the
United States
De Colores and Other Latin American Folksongs for Children Family, Familia
Gathering the Sun: An Alphabet in Spanish and English
Story Book Collection II
14 Book Set. A treasury of stories for young children which will motivate them to develop cognitive skills and key literacy concepts aligned to state academic standards. Students will enjoy the stories that are exciting and fun engaging them
in the reading process. Grade Interest Level: 1+, Hardcover.
NES5716 $251.30 Set
Frog and His Friends Save Humanity/La rana y sus amigos salvan a la humanidad
Goodnight, Papito Dios/Buenas noches, Papito Dios Kick the Ball/Pateo el balón
t’s Bedtime, Cucuy/A la cama, Cucuy
Juan and the Chupacabras/Juan y el Chupacabras Kikiriki/Quiquiriqui
Little Crow to the Rescue/El cuervito al rescate
Mayte and the Bogeyman/Mayte y el Cuco
Mother Fox and Mr. Coyote/Mamá Zorra y Don Coyote No Time for Monsters/No hay tiempo para monstruos Stranger and the Red Rooster/El forastero y el gallo rojo The Land of Lost Things/El país de las cosas perdidas The Rowdy, Rowdy Ranch/Allá en El Rancho Grande Zulema and the Witch Owl/Zulema y la Bruja Lechuza
Pepita Collection
This collection of 7 books targets state academic standards inclusive of print awareness and analyzing text. Students will build and use complex and varied vocabulary through reading passages, discussions and interactive activities. Grade Interest Level: K+, Hardcover.
$240.41 Set
The Gift of the Poinsettia/El regalo de la flor de Nochebuena
This House is Made of Mud/Esta casa está hecha de lodo
Icy Watermelon/Sandía fría
Margaret and Margarita/Margarita y Margaret Moon Rope/Un lazo a la luna
My Mexico/México mío
The Tree is Older Than You Are
Tortillitas para mama and Other Nursery Rhymes
Story Book Collection III
6 Book Set. Students will be intrigued with this collection of 6 books supporting child growth and development and enhancing language and literacy development. Through the stories and readings students will understand literacy concepts, and lan- guage comprehension. Grade Interest Level: 1+, Hardcover.
NES5717 $107.70 Set
Big Enough/Bastante grande
Butterflies on Carmen Street/Mariposas en la
calle Carmen
Dancing Miranda/Baila, Miranda, baila
I Am Rene, the Boy/Yo Soy Rene, el niño Lupita's Papalote/El papalote de Lupita
Tina and the Scarecrow Skins/Tina y las pieles
de espantapájaros
Pepita and the Bully/Pepita y la peleonera
Pepita Finds Out/Lo que Pepita descubre
Pepita on Pepper Street/Pepita en la calle Pepper Pepita Packs Up/Pepita empaca
Pepita Takes Time/Pepita, siempre tarde
Pepita Talks Twice/Pepita habla dos veces
Pepita Thinks Pink/Pepita y el color rosado
$125.65 Set
Story Book Collection V
14 Book Set. This wide-ranging collection of bilin- gual books include beautifully illustrated pictures to help students build awareness of real life experi- ences. The resource is an invaluable tool for grade levels 2-5 grades. Teachers can promote oral lan- guage developing and supporting two languages. Supports academic standards. Grade Interest Level: 1-5, Hardcover.
NES7019 $251.30 Set
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