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Natural Botanicals Pack

Product Number: CE6941



This selection of leaves, pine cones, fibre, acorns, grass, seeds sticks, lotus, and loofah sponges enables children to explore, discuss and discover the natural outdoor environment. Each pack includes 17 products: Yulan Leaves (5), Bodhi Leaves (5), Heart Leaves (5), Cercis Leaves (5), Assorted Pine Cones (60g), Mango Leaves (60g), Palm Tree Fibre (40g), Bamboo Leaves (40g), Acorns (40g), Wild Grass Bundles (3), Cotton Seed Capsules (25g), Long Bamboo Sticks (125g), Lotus Heads (3), Star Anise (60g), Loofah Sponges (6g), and Cinnamon Sticks (60g).