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Primary Science Shining Stars Projector

Product Number: LER2830



The Shining Stars Projector runs on 3 AAA batteries (not included) and projects full color images (up to 10 feet away) of space objects onto your wall or ceiling. There are 3 discs with 8 images on each disc 1, planets; disc 2, moon and sun; disc 3, astronauts, man-made objects, a comet, the Milky Way, and the Little Dipper. Simply pop a disc into the projection sphere and click on the light. The projection unit has a handle for portability, or you can place it on the stand for more stable viewing. The light will automatically turn off if left on for over 15 minutes. The included activity guide includes instructions for use, battery information, maintenance tips, and space facts for each image on the discs. Durable enough for active play or enjoy it as a night light.